Fully integrated Blog

MantisShop includes a fully integrated and fully featured blog system.

Many SEO experts agree that an integrated blog works much better for SEO purposes than an external blog (such as a wordpress blog). An integrated blog means that the blog is a part of your website structure and therefore search engines such as Google index the content as a part of your actual website. This then triggers Google to know that your site is being updated regularily with informative and relevant content which is known to increase the relevance score for your site and therefore your rankings.

The MantisShop blog system includes the following features:

  • Integrated directly into your CMS so you can manage everything from one place
  • SEO friendly structure with ability to set meta data for topics and posts
  • Automatically integrated into your sitemap.xml so search engines are automatically informed when new blog posts and topics are created
  • Full social media integration allowing 'likes', 'tweets', Pinterest pinning, etc.
  • Integrated Facebook comments system allowing Facebook users to interact with blog posts and make comments. This can all be moderated through your Facebook account and helps greatly with Facebook exposure
  • Ability to post immediately or schedule your posts to automatically show when you want

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