Social Media Integration

Twitter and Facebook (and to a growing extent, Google + and Pinterest) are used by a large percentage of online users for keeping up to date with products, services, news and events. By using social media in your business, you can greatly increase your exposure and market direct to your target market. Social media also helps with 'viral marketing' which increases your exposure by friends of your fans/followers finding out what you offer automatically.

If you use Facebook and/or Twitter and Google + then we will place 'find us on Facebook', '+1 on Google' and 'follow us on Twitter' badges on your website so visitors can easily find and connect with you.

Even if you don't use Facebook, Google + or Twitter, our Facebook 'like' buttons allow Facebook users to 'like' your products and news items. We also include 'tweet' buttons for Twitter users, '+1' buttons for Google + users and 'pin this' buttons for Pinterest users.
When visitors use these buttons, it will automatically post this and a link to your site in their social media account and become visible to all of their friends. This is the single easiest way to generate viral marketing with no effort at all.

We also set up the site so that Facebook users can comment on your news articles (which you can control and filter). This gives you great exposure as it allows your customers or fans to comment whenever you post a news item or blog article and this then exposes the article to all of those people’s friends on Facebook.

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