Integrated Customer Database

Any great marketing consultant will tell you that your number one asset in your business is your customer database.

Statistics show that it is 3-5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one therefore it only makes sense that you can easily access details on your customers to market to them and provide support to them.

The content manager will have an integrated customer database. This will keep track of customer contact details and purchase history.

You will be able to add, edit and remove customers from this database, make notes for each customer and also view details of previous orders.

When proceeding to the checkout, customers will have the option of entering all of their details or entering a username and password. If they enter their username and password, they will not have to enter their contact details, making it quicker for them to complete the transaction. The other benefit of this is that their purchase details will be stored in the customer database so you can keep track of what your return customers are purchasing and how much they are spending. Customers will also be able to look at their order history and track orders in progress.

Registered customers will also have the added benefit of being able to add products to their favourites list (which can then be purchased at a later date) and leaving product reviews (which are shown to help boost sales of products). Customers can also put out of stock products into their wishlist and they will be automatically emailed whenever that product comes back into stock.

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