Automated remarketing emails

MantisShop includes automatic emails that go to relevant potential and existing customers in the following circumstances:

  • An email will go to customers when they abandon their cart and don’t make a purchase that day. The following morning an email will go to them saying ‘we have saved your cart’ with all the details of their cart from the previous day and will allow them to then click a button to continue their purchase
  • An email will go to to people who register for the first time but do not make a purchase. The email will go the following day to them welcoming them to your website and offering a single use discount code to use on their first purchase. You can adjust the amount of this discount at any time via the CMS.
You will be able to turn these automated emails off or on at any time via the CMS.

These remarketing features are proven ways to increase sales and conversion rates on your website. The best thing of all is this is all automatic so no work is needed on your part!

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