Search Engine Optimisation for Ecommerce

These days it is absolutely vital that your website is correctly optimised so that you get the best possible rankings you can in search engines. As search engine traffic usually accounts for over 85% of online commerce, choosing a web developer that specialises in these technologies is essential for your success.

At Mantis Technologies, we have developed standards for website design that ensure that your website is search engine friendly. This ensures that when search engines discover your website, they are able to index the pages correctly and ensure there are no ‘roadblocks’ that will prevent search engines from finding your content.

Automatic SEO is included in your website so you can concentrate on running your business rather than trying to optimise your website.

MantisShop includes:

  • Setup of a Google analytics account.
  • Setup of meta tags, title tags, etc.
  • Automated title and meta tags for products, categories and news items as you add them to the website (plus you can also override these with your own title and meta tags if you wish)
  • Automatic XML site map generation and submission to all major search engines to ensure you can be found easily and indexed under your desired keywords. This is resubmitted whenever content is changed on your website to ensure the search engines are quickly kept up to date on your website.
  • URL rewriting to give your news, products and categories unique search engine friendly pages. This dramatically helps with search engine rankings and generates more relevant traffic from people looking to buy the products you sell.
  • You have the ability to customise title and meta tags for all pages within the website (or the CMS can do it automatically for you)
  • A comprehensive report showing what you can do to improve your rankings, ensure that search engines regularly visit and index your website and ways to increase conversion rates for the traffic coming to your website.
  • Set up of automatic feed to the Google Shopping network. This helps SIGNIFICANTLY with getting better rankings for your specific products

We can also provide more specialised online marketing assistance (such as pay per click campaign management, social media marketing, ongoing seo, etc) once your website is launched.

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