Easy to use shopping cart system

A complete shopping cart system is integrated into the website.

When browsing through your site, visitors can add products / services to their shopping cart. At all times, they are guided towards making a purchase.

It is essential for a successful ecommerce site to have a very easy to use and intuitive shopping cart system so extensive research into marketing psychology, usability and years of experience has helped us create one of the world’s most efficient, user friendly and successful shopping cart systems.

A complete product search engine is incorporated into your website. The search box will be accessible from each and every page of the website and will enable visitors to search for products in your website.

We can also customise the search engine to enable people to search by brand, size, colour, style, etc. – whatever is relevant to your specific products.

Automatic Freight calculation

The number one reason for shopping cart abandonment (when someone adds items to their cart but never completes the purchase) is due to complicated freight systems that make it hard to understand how much freight will be.

The MantisShop system integrates with Australia Post to automatically work out the freight charges and display them on the screen for the customer. This allows customers to see how much freight will be at all times and even allows them to choose different freight methods (such as standard post, registered post and express post).

This system also gives them an estimate on the number of days their order will take for delivery to their location.

If you are not using Australia Post or wish to use a different freight method, we can also customise this for you to whatever rates or system you want at no extra charge.

We can also integrate Australia Post's Eparcel system directly into the website to handle dispatch, labelling, order tracking and more

Currency converter and support for International Orders

Why limit yourself to your own local area or country when there could be potential markets in other regions around the world?

An international currency converter is built in to your website. All prices are shown in Australian dollars (or your local currency if you are outside Australia). Visitors from other countries can click on the ‘global currency converter’ to convert prices into their own currency within seconds.

International customers will also be able to place orders which will expand your market globally.

Full customisation is available to restrict countries/regions if you wish.

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